Friday, February 24, 2012

OPI Holland Collection - My Picks

Today I have part of OPI's Holland Collection to show you. I picked six shades from this collection, the rest I either had a dupe for or they just didn't compliment my skin tone. The shades I picked are: Did You Ear' About Van Gogh?, Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?, I Have a Herring Problem, Pedal Faster Suzi!, Vampsterdam, and Wooden Shoe Like to Know? Oh, I love OPI's names. lol 

I didn't have any problems with the formulas. They all went on smoothly and were opaque by the second coat. Dry time was great but then again I use Seche Vite as my top coat which speeds things along. =) My only complaint which is kind of a big one is that the gorgeous shimmer that is visible in some of the bottles weren't as strong on the nail. Some shades have more shimmer on the nail than others. The one I was really disappointed with was Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? The shimmer was barely visible unless I was out in the sun and it still wasn't as strong as I expected. It's still a beautiful color, I just wish the gold had more pop. 

Other than that, I was happy with my choices!

Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? 

I have to apologize for my sad little camera (I do that a lot), it did not want to show you the shimmer. You can see a little bit of the gold. Scrangie has great swatches of this color, you should check those out.

I took pictures outside in the sun and they didn't turn out well at all. This color is gorgeous and must be seen in person....even though the gold shimmer doesn't show on the nail very well. Enough about that. =)

My favorite name and color from this collection!

Vampy colors are my favorite. I love how rich this deep purple is. The finish is a little shimmery, shiny, and a little...hmmm not metallic but almost. That makes sense right? ;) This color feels like the odd one of the bunch but I LOVE it. 

Wooden Shoe Like to Know?

This is a lovely milk chocolatey color with a faint gold shimmer. I wish the shimmer on this was more visible on the nail as well, but it's still a nice creamy brown that makes me want chocolate. 

I Have a Herring Problem

This isn't very color accurate, it has a slight green undertone to it. The shimmer is as strong on the nail as it is in the bottle which makes me happy. I love this blue and think it's a must have from this collection. 

Pedal Faster Suzi!
 I feel like I've acquired a lot of pinks lately which is really unlike me. I do love this shade of pink and the shimmer...wait a second...what the!!!!!!!!!

No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Excuse me while I cry and go to nubs. 
*sigh* It's a lovely pink, the shimmer is gorgeous, my nails are so short!!!! Don't you hate it when that happens? Grr.

Moving on...

Did You Ear' About Van Gohg? 
This is a nice khaki creme. It's a little darker in real life but not much. 

There you have it, my picks from OPI's The Holland Collection and my nail tragedy. I know, they are just nails but it still makes me sad. 

Have you picked out any colors from this collection? Which one is your favorite? 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Those are perty! I love the two purple ones at the top! :)


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