Sunday, October 23, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect?

 I sure hope so! I tried two different candy corn manicures and hated the results. I'm going to return the yellow and orange polishes I found and get stripers (not strippers) in those colors. I think I will be able to handle those better. =) This is what I tried today. I had such a different idea in my mind but I just couldn't execute it. This blog isn't to show how skilled I am because I'm just learning (this is my second nail art design). I hope you'll be patient with me! I'm planning on doing some swatches of the Halloween polishes I chose this season. I'm also going to try my candy corn mani again and try a spooky drip design.

I used China Glaze - It's Alive (green) from the Haunting collection and Zoya - Trixie (silver) with a dotting tool. The black image was stamped with Black Special Polish (yes, it's called special lol) with plate BM-223. I like how the stamping turned out but wish my dots were more even.

Remember, I paint my nails in bed so my surface isn't very steady. That's my excuse. Ha!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions about nail stamping. It's pretty awesome!

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