Sunday, February 17, 2013

Born Pretty Micro Bead Review

Hello everyone! I have a late Valentine's Day design to show you today. I apologize for putting this up after the holiday. Born Pretty Store sent me a wheel of their micro beads to review. I made a very simple design with them that I think is cute. I hope you like it! 

I used two coats of Zoya Mira (my favorite purple creme) for my base color. With a nail art brush, I painted a heart with nail glue and sprinkled on the beads. I pressed the beads into the glue to make sure they were nice and stuck and let the glue set (10 minutes or so). To set the beads, I went over the entire nail with a coat of Seche Vite top coat. 

The color on the beads did not bleed with the glue or top coat. I wore this for a day and they didn't come off or lose color. I don't have pictures of the nail wheel to show you because mine was ruined in the mail. Now, my product was sent to me to review so I didn't ask for a replacement. If I were a paying customer, I would have asked for one. With my experience in the past as a Born Pretty customer, I strongly feel that they would have replaced it. 

The other thing I need to make sure you know is that in the product description, it says that the colors may be different than the beads shown in the product pictures. My beads were completely different colors. I don't know why this is, I buy my beads and nail art products based on their color. I liked the colors I got, but I liked the colors on their website better. Besides that, the beads were fun to play with and good quality. They are very versatile as well. 

Here is the info for the beads!

The beads are $3.33 but you can get 10% off with this coupon code:

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