Monday, November 18, 2013

Cult Nails All Access Collection

I have another amazing collection from Cult Nails to show you today. Cult Nails All Access Collection was inspired by grunge music of the 90s which is when I was in high school. In addition to coming from inspiration I relate to, the polishes are amazing. This collection consists of two cremes, a crelly (or is it a jelly), and two glitter toppers. 

Cult Nails Disillusion 

Disillusion has a black jelly base and hot pink shards. The shards can get a little lost in the base if you layer it on it's own. I put on a coat of Cult Nails Nevermore (black creme) and then one coat of Disillusion. This way, the shards pop more. It also looks good layered on it's own (it shows more depth) I just like it better on top of black. 

Cult Nails Grunge
Cult Nails Grunge is a military green creme polish. Sometimes it looks more grey than green depending on the lighting. The formula was smooth and creamy, I used two coats. I love this color and think it would be flattering on many different skin tones. 

Cult Nails Lamestain
 Cult Nails Lamestain is a very deep vampy red creme. It almost looks brown but when the light hits it, you can tell that it is indeed red. It also looks red along the edges of the nail. The finish reminds me a little of Cult Nails Quench. It looks squishy like it's a jelly but it isn't sheer. I only needed two thin coats for opacity so I'd consider it a crelly (creme/jelly).  I love shades like this for the Fall. 

Cult Nails Wack Slacks
Cult Nails Wack Slacks is a gorgeous blue creme that has just a touch a purple. This was almost a one coater but I applied two out of habit. The formula was nice and smooth. This ties for my favorite with Feedback. 

Cult Nails Feedback
Feedback over Grunge

Feedback over Lamestain

Feedback over Wack Slacks

Cult Nails Feedback has a clear base with gold, pink, and orange mylar flakes. I am obsessed with this polish. It applies like a dream. You get a ton of flakes on the brush. I only used one coat for all of the pictures. I love it when I don't have to get rid of the extra base when applying glitters, flakies, etc. It looks amazing over any color. Love it! This and Wack Slacks are my must haves...if you can only pick two that is. I love them all. 

This is another amazing collection by Cult Nails! What do you think? I'd love to know which polishes are your favorite. 

You can purchase Cult Nails from for $12.00.

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